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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Me and Puri -Ideku- on SEKAR Magz

Hi there.. long time no see...

how is your crafty journey?? mine? owwh absolutly always ^^
I am so grateful that i can do all sewing and crafting everyday..

So.. I am quite busy lately.. I am still working on my next craft book and also Felt Fable Book with mb Watiek Ideo..and my boardbook with mb Ary Nilandari.. wish me all the best :)

And I am so surprised knowing that I am in same article with my dearest friend Martha Puri Natasande from IDEKU handmade.. Owwh one of you must be Puri's Fans arent you? :D
we share a bit of our journey, trick and tips on doing our craft business..

We had been interviewed by mb Asti from SEKAR

Happy reading^^ hopefully it will inspire you

warm regads

5 komentar:

  1. wiiii selamat mbak dinii :)
    saluut ama mbak dini walaupun sudah berumah tangga yang pastinya juga sibuk ngurus anak tapi teteup eksis di"dunia"nya sendiri :))

    sukses teruss mbak dinii

    1. hai enno ^^
      thank you-thank you ^^... apalagi yang masih muda kudu semangaaat yak

  2. indeed, this is so inspiring as always, Mba Din :)

  3. istri beli bukunya mbak dini capung mungil, trus jadi tau blognya and baca-baca juga, bagus! semangat berkarya selalu.


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