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Kamis, 29 November 2012

[sneak peek] 50 Felt Illustration for Children Book

Happy Friday everybody..

As I said before...
I have been busy doing some crafty stuff lately..that is sewing some Illustrations of a children book ..

some? no.. not really.. :D there are 50.. yes fifty illustration to be sewn.. and alhamdulillah all of them are done!! I spent almost 6 month to design and finalize the details. I am writing and illustrating this illustration ^^b... yes I did it finally..

Hopefully it will come up in book store soon..

keep on dreaming, keep on crafting, illustrating and writing . . .


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5 komentar:

  1. wawww, pasti menyenangkan sekali mba kalo sudah jadi semua gituu :) :)

    1. yups bener banget..berasa pengen tak jadikan selimut :D

  2. Lucu, lucu mba Dini.
    Aku ada award untuk Mba Dini di blog-ku.


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