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Rabu, 11 September 2013

My Craft Books Collection

Hey Hoo...

Many of us who have found our place in the craft and blogging world often dream of writing a book. And for that reason we need to read many literature ^^..

I would like share my private craft book collection .. Mostly I buy these books online. Some of them i got from Toko Buku Redjo, Good Think, Toko Buku CraftI am a book loverz, especially craft books. But you know, craft book always a very expensive stuff for us.. so we need to pick carefully. Sometimes these online store (above), give us a very special offer or sale time.

On the right side is Petit a Petit, a Parissian style patchwork. In the middle is Tilda Serie SEW SUNNY HOMESTYLE, and the left side is a book about embroidery. Unfortunetly, they all writen in mandarin/chinesse. 

 These are actually not a book, but a magazine. Cotton Time and Stitch Idees.
These Magazines are a gift from my dearest friends. I got Quiltmaker (US edition) from Mb Hany, and Patchwork & Quilting (Aussie Edition) from mb Afiana. I love all of them ^^..

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  1. tq ya mbak jadi tau toko buku online lainnya yang pasti ada yang lebih terjangkau buat kantong saya :)


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