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Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Watercolor Tutorial #2 - Basic Step

Hello Dear Readers,

Today will learn about basic step to paint in watercolor. Water color painting is both enjoyable and a bit frustrating at times. You will have to do a bunch of painting before you feel completely comfortable with the medium.

You can read and learn about #1 tutorial tools and materials here

Lay a sheet of heavy paper out on a table. Draw some very simple design on it with LIGHT pencil marks. 
Use a flat brushes to wash the paper. It is useful to make a wet on wet painting style.
Put a small dab of any color of watercolor onto the white palette plate. Get your brush lightly wet. Drop a couple of drops of water - from your paintbrush - onto the dab of watercolor that you have on your palette plate. 

Dip your brush into the watercolor liquid on your palette, and lift a small amount of color onto your brush.
Let the picture dry.
You can tell when the paper is completely dry because it will no longer feel cool.

5 komentar:

  1. Thank you, Dini. Sweet detailed houses :)
    Ohh, it's a bit frustrating to see how sheets look after drying... they are no longer to go about it? Is it inevitable? Also, which objects are most suitable for watercolours? Pretty much anything,or perhaps landscapes are best to choose?
    I really want to try this,but I'm not good at drawing

    1. Dear Lily, thank you for reading.

      Yes, i know exactly how you feel :) as I said before in my previous post, we need special paper for watercolor painting. watercolor paper is quite different with other papers. It is made in different kind of thicknesses and texture. I use Canson for average usage and Fabriano for advanced usage. I prefer fabriano than canson.

      I prefer landscape for beginner. practice makes perfect.

  2. Hi Dini and Lily,

    I just read the comment about how paper becoming wrinkle when we done painting, yes we can get so frustrated when it happens. A little tips from me, base on my experience painting with water color, always use the thick water color paper, usually comes in 300 GSM. It helps a lot in avoiding have wrinkle paper in the end of painting process. But having a wavy paper is inevitable, I guess. But don't worry, it can be managed. With a little action, we can have back the smooth art work :) Too much to write here on how to do, you may check on my blog, here.
    Please feel free to visit. Have a good time painting, girls!:)

    1. Ci Ephiet thank you for the great tips. i will need that heavy pan :D

  3. Thank you both :)) so excited! going to read


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