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Selasa, 08 November 2011

Capungmungil dan Laptop si Unyil tayang!!

bagi capungmungil-ers yang menunggu tayangnya Laptop si Unyil n Capungmungil...

bagi yang belum lsempat melihat bisa ngintip di youtube

semoga bermanfaat yaaa

Dini capungmungil

3 komentar:

  1. cihuuuy, mo liat aksi mbak dini aaaah ;p

  2. ah, kelewatan euy. lagi kuliah, kakaaaa -___-"

  3. "If I are asked by Ms. Dini to give her inspirations, what's is my favorite childhood story / stories ? "

    I would answer it was Aladin and the magic lamp, beside the beautiful, thrilling, and sad stories it also contain many educational n morality value in life, so the reader especially the children will learn about braveness and honour.

    It would be great if Ms. Dini could make such a story in her felt creations.

    best regard

    Siti Maryam (


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