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Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Sewing Travel Case

I had never have a sewing travel case, so i decided to made one. 

It just another sewing experiment. I made a sewing tools pouch for my self, just in chase if i need to sew while travels. This pouch has lots of handy compartments to keep sewing tools organized as i travel. It was full of fun and easy projects.. So now i can take all my scissor, thread, needles, button etc.

 well.. i am not really happy with the result, but it's okay for my first try.


5 komentar:

  1. It's beautiful :) and so unique. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks a bunch for stopping by Lily :)

  2. Cantik sekali Mbak Dini. Jadi terinspirasi nih.

  3. cantik banget mbaak tempatnya, jadi terinspirasi pingin bikin juga ><b


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