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Kamis, 13 Juni 2013

Me and Clare Beaton

I adore Clare Beaton's work from a long time. She made a beautiful felt illustration for Barefoot Book PublisherShe influence me a lot. To see her artwork go to

And yesterday i decided to send her an e-mail, and....oowwwwh she replied :)

Dear Dini,
Thank you for sharing your work with me.
I am amazed at your output! Such a lot of work, I particularly like the illustrations with the stitched borders, the fox, dog etc.Personally I prefer the simpler pictures.
I am doing two more board books and also some more activity books which are not illustrated in felt. I like working in differentways. My work for the greetings card company Roger la Borde is great to do too.
Good luck with everything!
Then we discuss a bit about how people often disappointed, because they think that they will get real felt book instead printed book, she told me this..

Dear Dini,
When I stitched my first book people who wanted to buy it from the publishers thought they were getting a felt book. As if I would be sewing 1000s of books!
I don't think people who haven't any experience of craft and hand stitching have any idea of the time and effort involved. However having said that many people DO appreciate the work which makes it all worth while. As the books have a long life and therefore are studied by the readers every detail is noticed.
I get many emails from these people which is great! When you work alone it's nice to receive feed back like that I 

Owwh Clare.. thank you so much for your appreciation :) and also for your kidness

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