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Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

50 Dongeng Aesop - Fabel Flanel unik dan seru

Fresh from my editor's desk.. 
Available at Gramedia this June.. alhamdulillah, really such a hard work.

This book contains 50 stories from Aesop.. including City Mouse Country Mouse, Rabbit and Turtle,  Dog and Wolf and so on.. My collaboration with my dearest friend Watiek Idoe, a productive children book writer ^^
Front Cover

if you wanna see the story behind how to make this illustration go here

and if you wanna see the whole ilustration go here

Happy Reading everybody ^^

5 komentar:

  1. mba dini.. itu di dlmnya ada flanelnya gitu ya mksdnya?
    harganya berapa mba? pengen beliin buat anakku :)

    1. novi, ini bukan touchbook..ilustasi flanelnya dicetak di kertas

  2. Wah... Bagus banget mbak idenya. Jadi pengen beli. Salam kenal, aku Irma. Bikin pelatihan pelatihan nggak mbak?


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