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Rabu, 23 April 2014

Craft Video by DK. Wardhani (capungmungil)

Hi there^^

Uhmm... Some of my new books will available at book store soon. therefore, with help from my video maker -Tyan- , I made a short video showing you a some of my new projects that will be include on that new books.

Thank you Tyan Varian ( for the lovely video. 
And Thank you mb Wiwin for the sweet orchid and green flower ball in this video.

Please enjoy ^^

one more thing, from now on I decided to replace my old logo with this adorable one. I made my name as my new logo, and add some tagline on it.

Citra from Innocentia helped me to develop this new logo. 
What do you think? Isnt lovely :)

2 komentar:

  1. Hello Dini, congratulations on your debut with the Craft it Now book and your craft on the cover, it is beautiful. That is wonderful and I thank you for visiting me on Inspirations by D.

  2. Dear Mba Dini,
    thank you for the mention of my name and logo :)
    Semoga sukses selalu!


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