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Kamis, 15 Mei 2014

Which one you choose?

Dear friends please help me to pick one of these covers of my craft books. 
I love them both, bust mostly readers consider the blue one more saleable and the yellow one more eyecathing.

What do you think?

5 komentar:

  1. I choose the blue one. The front cover has various sample of craft work, and the colour is bright. While the back cover quite simple and won't 'beat' the beauty of the front cover.

  2. Saya pilih yg biru mba, lebih menarik perhatian saya sebagai calon pembeli. Karna kl pembeli kan cenderung liatY sekilas , sambil jalan. Kalo yg kuning itu kurang jelas itu gambar apaan jika dilihat sekilas.

  3. Hi :) Hard to choose, Dini... they have some things in common. hmmm what IF you use back of the yellow cover with front of blue cover!? but change colour either to all yellow or all blue, or to some other/neutral colour that looks dominating... so it'll be quite harmonious

  4. Assalamu alaikum Mba Dini ( I must admit that name is great name since I have younger sister named Dini and she's kind of a smart & hardworker girl like you, I now she's running her scholarship in : I never told her I'm proud of her. It's a secret ^_^ )
    I like the blue one, it's catchy by the title looks more 'luxurious' than the other one, and the back cover. I just can say I love it. It must make me stop and pick it from the shelf & go immediately to cashier...

  5. akhirnya pilih yg mana mba Dini?


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