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Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Free PicBook #1 Pesta Buah (by Keni)

Hello there...

Today is really special day for me as a mom... 

Keni - my daughter- had finished her first picbook. She is now 6 years old.
She has been practicing her drawing since she was 2 years old. She doodles all the time, here and there. She tried everything from watercolor, crayons, colored pencils and playdoh for drawing.

I think she quite talented :)

 Keni and her comic
Keni tried watercolor

She used play doh for drawing
She made her own logo and brand :D

and this is it. Her First Free downloadable Picbook "PESTA BUAH" or "Fruits Party"

I did a little editing and layouting for this picbook, hope you like it. 
Happy Reading.

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