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Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Free Picbook #2 KELAS SERANGGA (by Keni)

Keni has finised her second picbook. It is all about bugs :D 
Well done Keni :)
She loves bugs so much. All of them, ants, grashopers, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies etc. Bugs became her drawing objects mostly, beside herself and cats.

She always puts attention on the details, draws expressions and gives embelishment here and there. She always amaze me with her imagination, she had just turn 6 years last July.
Keni never worried about mistakes she made, she draws everything with one line drawing without erase it. 

I used some free pattern form and

You can read and enjoy her downloadable Picbook titled KELAS SERANGGA

Really hope you will like it. I really love this Picbook. I am a big fans of her :D
Please give your comments below. She will love to read it.

7 komentar:

  1. Lucu n kreatif mb dini.. anak 6th dah bs bikin buku? Haaah jd malu nih ><
    Dear keni..keep drawing..keep writing..hope someday the world will remember you as a talented writer. Cheers.. may allah bless u

    1. aamiin... terima kasih banyak atas kunjungannya mb. Doanya bikin terharu T.T

  2. Hello, Keni! Your pictures are lovely!!! I send you a big hug from Hungary (Central Europe) to let me see these! With my best wishes, Maminti, the little green fairy

  3. Aaaaaakk Keni, you are soooo adorable.. keep drawing, lil girl. :')

  4. Waaaa, bagusnya. Ikutan nyontek idenya ya mba. Saya masih suka kebingungan menyumpan gambar anak2...


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