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Selasa, 02 September 2014

Adit and His Lego

OK... I will share a bit about Adit and his creativity.

His name is Raditya Ardi Widigda. We really hope that he will be grown up as a man full of knowlegde and wisdom. Adit is Keni's twin brother. They love and supportive each other.

Adit has a great sense of humor, and Keni always love to laugh.

Adit never really keen on any toys. He don't like drawing, paly dough, soccer, football or any other activities. We keep looking what his real hobby is. He is tottally different from his twin's sister and we always support them individually. 

Then we discovered that Adit loves to read especially books about science and any kind of encyclopedia. 

alhamdulillah... when we try to give him Legos, and he love it.

He able to modify simple legos, into many new design. He wants to join a robotic club soon. 

Wish you all the best, Adit!

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