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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

DIY-Felt Rose Flower Tutorial

Hi there.. today i try something new.. Making DIY and tutorial for Felt Lover... I am so exicted knowing that i could make rose flower from felt trash..

what you needs:
1. felt petals
2. glue
3. neddle n thread

ready??? its really simple. Hopefully you will enjoy making those flowers..

I just found some felt trash with a very nice shape. Just stitch along the side using running stitch. Paste the petals using hot glue
you will need 4-5 petals for  9-11 petals for the big one.. and then.. put the roses on felt background.. give some leaves and chain stitch for the steam

see.. you could make an adorable flower on your own..

15 komentar:

  1. hihihi.. bagus bgt jadinya kalo pake dijait.. aku pernah bikin juga, tp cuman di lem aja krn malas :p

  2. dikombinasi dengan sulaman.. lebih oke lagi mb novy ^^

    mb rika makasih sudah mampir

  3. waaaahhhh cantik banget bunganya ^_^ , makasi tutorialnya :)

  4. cantik banget mbaa... aku pengen bikin jugaa

  5. ayooo bikin.. ^^ bisa jadi macem-macem lho

  6. so kiuttt! bikin aaahhhh ... ^_^

  7. bagus banget ya mba ya, itu pake sulaman juga kah mba...cantik sekali..

  8. Wah... bagus banget...^^
    Tadinya saya kurang suka dengan kain flanel, tapi setelah lihat ini kok jadi pengen nyobain berkreasi dengan flanel... hehe...



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