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Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Watercolor Tutorial #2 - Basic Step

Hello Dear Readers,

Today will learn about basic step to paint in watercolor. Water color painting is both enjoyable and a bit frustrating at times. You will have to do a bunch of painting before you feel completely comfortable with the medium.

You can read and learn about #1 tutorial tools and materials here

Lay a sheet of heavy paper out on a table. Draw some very simple design on it with LIGHT pencil marks. 
Use a flat brushes to wash the paper. It is useful to make a wet on wet painting style.
Put a small dab of any color of watercolor onto the white palette plate. Get your brush lightly wet. Drop a couple of drops of water - from your paintbrush - onto the dab of watercolor that you have on your palette plate. 

Dip your brush into the watercolor liquid on your palette, and lift a small amount of color onto your brush.
Let the picture dry.
You can tell when the paper is completely dry because it will no longer feel cool.

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