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Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

How To Make a Felt Illustration?

Today I will share how to make a felt illustration..

this is how i process my works...

First, Cut out the remaining pieces. You can pin or trace (with pencil on the wrong side) pieces onto felt and cut out. Using either a pencil or pen, but remember to do it on the wrong side, and carefully clean up the ink.  Then I will place every elements onto the fabric (background)

for simple step/easier technique you can click here

Attach your felt pieces to the fabric using a multi-purpose glue or fabric glue. whipstitch in the coordinating thread color, according to the finished photo. You can use icon stitch or roll stitch, make sure that you do your stitches small and as even as possible.

But then, my editor give me some suggestions (a lot of suggestions :D) that forces me remove some items. 
Oh nooo...!!! i said :D 
but you will see, she got the point. 

for the final touch i give some embelishment using buttons

and Violaaa... (see the difference??)
this is the final result of the illustration.. and she feels really satisfied :D alhamdulillah ^^

Hopefully you will be able to find this book on book store soon ^^

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