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Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

The Little House (Book Review)

A very touching book about changes over time.. 
but i see it as an early awarness for youngreader to understand about the effect of urban sprawl and lost of the sense of place.

The Little House [Paperback]

Virginia Lee Burton (Author)

Once there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well built. The man who built her so well said, "This Little House shall never be sold for gold or silver and she will live to see our great-great-grandchildren's great-great-grandchildren living in her."


So begins Virginia Lee Burton's classic The Little House, winner of the prestigious Caldecott Medal in 1943. The rosy-pink Little House, on a hill surrounded by apple trees, watches the days go, by from the first apple blossoms in the spring through the winter snows. Always faintly aware of the city's distant lights, she starts to notice the city encroaching on her bucolic existence. First a road appears, which brings horseless carriages and then trucks and steamrollers. Before long, more roads, bigger homes, apartment buildings, stores, and garages surround the Little House. Her family moves out and she finds herself alone in the middle of the city, where the artificial lights are so bright that the Little House can no longer see the sun or the moon. She often dreams of "the field of daisies and the apple trees dancing in the moonlight." Children will be saddened to see the lonely, claustrophobic, dilapidated house, but when a woman recognizes her and whisks her back to the country where she belongs, they will rejoice. Young readers are more likely to be drawn in by the whimsical, detailed drawings and the happy ending than by anything Burton might have been implying about the troubling effects of urbanization. (Ages 3 to 6).
The story centers on a house built at the top of a small hill, far out in the country. Her builder decrees that she "may never be sold for gold or silver" but is built sturdy enough to one day see his great-great-grandchildren's great-great-grandchildren living in her. The house watches the seasons pass, and wonders about the lights of the city, which grow ever closer.
Eventually a road is built in front of the house. This is followed by roadside stands, gas stations, and more little houses. Next, the small houses are replaced by tenements and apartments. Streetcars, an elevated railroad, and a subway appear to surround the house. Finally, two gigantic skyscrapers are built—one on each side; now living in the city, the house is sad because she misses being on the small hill in the countryside and that her exterior looks shabby due to no one living in her and the city's environment.
One day the great-great-granddaughter of the builder sees the house and remembers stories that her grandmother told about living in just such a house, albeit far out in the country. When the great-great-granddaughter discovers that it is the same house, she arranges to have her moved out of the city, to a hill in the country where she can once again watch the seasons pass and live happily ever after.


or maybe you like to wacth it on

Happy Reading Folks!

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Iggy Peck, Architect (Book Review)

I found this book couples months ago, recommended by a friend. Because I am an ex architect, it really touch me deep in my heart :D. With a classic and super cute ilustrastion.. I have to say it is really something addorable story for me as parents and as an ex architect ^^..

Iggy Peck, Architect 

Andrea Beaty (Author), David Roberts (Illustrator)

Book Description

October 1, 2007 4 and upK and up
A hilarious, irreverent book about doing your own thing

Meet Iggy Peck—creative, independent, and not afraid to express himself! In the spirit of David Shannon’s No, David and Rosemary Wells’s Noisy NoraIggy Peck will delight readers looking for irreverent, inspired fun.

Iggy has one passion: building. His parents are proud of his fabulous creations, though they’re sometimes surprised by his materials—who could forget the tower he built of dirty diapers? When his second-grade teacher declares her dislike of architecture, Iggy faces a challenge. He loves building too much to give it up! With Andrea Beaty’s irresistible rhyming text and David Roberts’s puckish illustrations, this book will charm creative kids everywhere, and amuse their sometimes bewildered parents.

Iggy Peck Architect_001

Iggy Peck Architect_003
Iggy Peck Architect_004

Iggy Peck, Architect, written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts, reminds us how important it is to motivate and encourage our children’s passion and talents. Iggy has one passion: building. He really loves to use unconventional materials, like when he was two and he built a tower using dirty diapers and glue. At home, Iggy gets lots of encouragement and motivation from his proud parents. But, it’s a different story when he gets to grade two because his teacher, Miss Lila Greer, couldn’t care less about buildings – architecture, you see, has no place in grade two. (source:

Happy Reading guys..
and Keep your passion, dreams, talents alive!

Senin, 17 Desember 2012

DIY-Lotus Bag

I made this for Indonesian Crafter Reg. Malang's Gathering last Sunday..
It is quite simple, easy to make but extremly cute :)
I made it from a piece of napkin and put a little touch using felts...
and the best part is... YOU DON'T NEED SEWING MACHINE!!

you can see the tuto here :

try it yourself.. and have fun ^^

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

New Exclusive Products for aLun-aLun Indonesia

Lately.. I get bored easily with my design :D
so i decided to try a new exclusive design of my edutoys products for wahana kids Alun-Alun Indonesia..

I  made sets of vegetables, fruits and vehicles..
i took a picture and edited with pickmongkey

hopefully the kids will love this ^^, what do you think?

Kamis, 29 November 2012

[sneak peek] 50 Felt Illustration for Children Book

Happy Friday everybody..

As I said before...
I have been busy doing some crafty stuff lately..that is sewing some Illustrations of a children book ..

some? no.. not really.. :D there are 50.. yes fifty illustration to be sewn.. and alhamdulillah all of them are done!! I spent almost 6 month to design and finalize the details. I am writing and illustrating this illustration ^^b... yes I did it finally..

Hopefully it will come up in book store soon..

keep on dreaming, keep on crafting, illustrating and writing . . .


Dini Capungmungil

Senin, 26 November 2012

Capungmungil Goes to Aussie

wooow!! Finally.. capungmungil goes to New South Wales Australia.. yipppiiiie... Alhamdulillah

One day, I received an email from mrs. Dounia Lahourlie.. famously known as a winning taewondo Australian athlete.. She is a muslim, and now opening moslem toys in Australia after resigned from taewondo

Hopefully.. Australian Muslim kids will love it
Thank you mrs. Dounia for stopping by

Kamis, 08 November 2012

DIY - Paper Doilies on Spunbond Simple Goodie Bag

Today i will share a little trick to give you  a cute accent for your simple Goodie Bag
all you needs are:
- paper doilies
- scarp fabric
- multipurpose glue

First prepare the paper doilies

then shape you scrap fabric into circle

attach the scrap into paper doilies use multipurpose glue

then you can place the doilies onto your spunbond Goodie Bag,


you can combine any color you like, use batiks or any other fabrics.
to see another project using spunbond, kindly check my newest book "Inspirasi dari Kain Spunbond"


Selasa, 06 November 2012

Our Crafty Gathering - Indonesian Crafter Reg. Malang

hi there.. 

Indonesian Crafter Reg. Malang had it's fifth gathering last month (October 2012), well I never though that we will held our crafty gathering so far :) we are very close like a family. I will share flash back from the beginning..
lets see..

Our First Gathering
source: asimetris and la conchita

our second gathering
source: mayra and ratih

our fifth gathering
source : La Conchita

honestly i miss the third and the fourth :(
we made a little workshop, giveaway and craft swap. Totally fun and friendly, and of course crafty atmosphere. Hopefully there will be 100th gathering or more :) InsyaALLAH..

Minggu, 04 November 2012

Capungmungil on Surya Post

Ya Allah.. it is a very-very fast interview i ever had 
I get called by Mas Irwan from Surya Post on Tuesday, get interviewed on Thursday and get published on Sunday morning (today)..
Alhamdulillah.. may this article inspires you

here is the link, you can read it here

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

My fifth craft book #5: Inspirasi Kain Spunbond

here we come... my fifth craft book Inspirasi Kain Spunbond ^^
I am working on it for almost 8 month, and here it is.. hopefully it will be available on book store in November 2012

the best part is.. I got 2 beautiful endorsment from 2 beautiful lady 

mrs. Asteria Elanda -Editor in Chief Good Housekeeping Indonesia- and  mrs. Ratih Sukma Pertiwi -Editor In Chief Tabloid NOVA-

these are what they said about my new book..

"Satu lagi buku tentang eksplorasi kreativitas diterbitkan. Selamat untuk Dian Kusuma Wardhani.  Buku ini bisa menjadi inspirasi, baik bagi pembaca yang ingin mengisi waktu senggang, atau bagi  pembaca yang ingin menekuni hobi untuk membuka bisnis. Ide-ide dalam buku ini masih bisa dikembangkan dalam berbagai bentuk. Membaca isinya justru bisa memancing kreativitas baru. Kelebihan lain buku ini, step by step-nya sangat mudah diikuti. Sebuah karya yang berharga."
Asteria Elanda 
Editor in Chief Good Housekeeping Indonesia

"Terbukti, hobi bisa menjadi kekuatan besar untuk menghasilkan karya yang kreatif dan bermanfaat. Cocok untuk pecinta craft atau yang ingin berbisnis. Menarik dan lengkap dengan langkah-langkah yang mudah diikuti."   
Ratih Sukma Pertiwi
Editor In Chief Tabloid NOVA

Kain spunbond saat ini hanya dikenal sebagai bahan pembuat tas suvenir, harganya sangat terjangkau. Ternyata kain spunbond dapat diolah dan dikreasikan menjadi berbagai produk yang unik dan cantik.. Menarik, bukan?

Dalam buku ini, Anda akan mendapatkan banyak ide baru mengolah dan mengkreasikan kain spunbondTak hanya itu, Anda juga bisa mengkombinasikan spunbond berdasarkan gradasi warna, aplikasi, hingga patchwork. Sebagai pemula, buku ini sangat cocok, bukan hanya menghadirkan desain yang menarik, tetapi juga teknik dasar, polahingga tip menarik yang mudah dipelajari.
Tunggu apa lagi, ayo kreasikan kain-kain spunbond menjadi berbagai barang yang unik dan cantik. Happy Crafting all!

wanna see inside..??


Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Me and Puri -Ideku- on SEKAR Magz

Hi there.. long time no see...

how is your crafty journey?? mine? owwh absolutly always ^^
I am so grateful that i can do all sewing and crafting everyday..

So.. I am quite busy lately.. I am still working on my next craft book and also Felt Fable Book with mb Watiek Ideo..and my boardbook with mb Ary Nilandari.. wish me all the best :)

And I am so surprised knowing that I am in same article with my dearest friend Martha Puri Natasande from IDEKU handmade.. Owwh one of you must be Puri's Fans arent you? :D
we share a bit of our journey, trick and tips on doing our craft business..

We had been interviewed by mb Asti from SEKAR

Happy reading^^ hopefully it will inspire you

warm regads

Selasa, 25 September 2012

capungmungil on Workshop in the BOX

It had been so long since my last post..

Capungmungil became one of the sponsors on workshop in a box #3 [DIY hot air balloon party]I made 70 felted hot air balloon for this event ^^

excitement is in the air ^^
you can visit FB FansPage Workshop in the Box or register via
pssst, workshop in a box #4 is coming soon in early October :) 

Special thanks for Mrs Amesh from dreamesh for the opportunity

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