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Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Giveaway Capungmungil-Omaikraf

are you ready for our giveaway attack?

Recently I met mb Anna from Omaikraf. She made a great portal -a place- for crafter and anyone who loves crafting. You can learn about different kind of crafting on Omaikraf. Really awesome^^..

We decided to make this giveaway right away :D 
To check the mandatory entry please click here

Happy crafty day All..

Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

My Animal Adventure Boardbook

Coming soon on November 2013...!
so happy.. so exicted

alhamdulillah..  I wrote this book for over a year. Finally they will available soon in book stores. I wrote these books together with Tethy Ezokanzo. She is a very talented and productive writer.  These series will consist 4 titles : Neat Elephant, Buzzy Bee, Clumsy Crab and Bouncing Bunny.
What so special about these series is that they will have an felt appliqué in the front pages.  

Clumsy crab is one of my favorite stories. It is about a dull crusted crab, who wants to make his skin shiny like his other friends. But in the end, he notices that he has to accept his skin or himself just the way he is. Because he knows it is a gift from God the Almighty.

a very touching story indeed ^^...


Another story was no less exciting and interesting .. of course with flannel illustrations printed on cardboard will make the book look different.

Happy reading ^^

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