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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

[MAY Giveaway] - KANOE capungmungil !!!

Hi there...  Welcome to Capungmungil's Giveaway. Today we will give you 3 casual T-SHRIT (all size - dewasa) from KANOE. Please kindly check their works HERE.
My best friend Ririh Widayati is a women behind KANOE ^^

my twinnies using KANOE's junior

How to win?
- Follow capungmungil's Blog and Kanoe's blog
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- Choose your lovely one and leave a comment about Kanoe's design, and youe e-mail
- You can repost or share or twit if you want too.

May Giveaway is open for Indonesian residents only. Sorry. I will sellect the winners randomly on June 1st.


Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Crafty Person - Hany Pojok-utak-atik Koe

I met mb Hany Von Gillern on FB couples a months a go..
she interviewed me before and this is my turn ^^
what a warm and nice chit chat we had ^^

Hi there mb Hany how are you doing? tell us a little bit about who a you are and your daily activities?
Hello there mbak Dini, I am doing fine, thank you. As I always tell people, I am just an ordinary woman who loves crafts and crafting. You may call me a craft addict. I am married and live happily with my lovely husband who is my biggest supporter of my craziness for crafts. We live in a small town called Claremont in the state of New Hampshire, USA. I used to work in a school system in our neighboring state, Vermont. It was 2 years ago. Now, I stay at home where crafting is my primary activity.

What’s Pojokutakatik Koe all about?
Actually it is pojok-utak-atik which is the name of my blog. When I signed up on facebook, the system did not allow me to use it the way I named my blog. I have no idea why. I don't like it that way, but that is what the facebook system wanted. Mostly I write and share my crafty endeavors on blog which is my favorite place to be. My blog is my first place to interact with people I have met online. I also tried Multiply. When everything went a little "crazy" there, I decided to activate my blog again. I still keep my account on Multiply. However, I barely visit it.

As I said earlier, I write and share my crafts on my blog. When I decided to active it again, I started to be more serious as to its direction. All I want to do is share with fellow Indonesian crafters. That is why I conduct it in Indonesian. I try to write consistently there though it is not easy for me. My entries are about showing people my handmade crafts, sharing tutorials, introducing crafts and the creators of those crafts which I call the segment "Orang-orang kreatif" (Creative people). I also give information to my readers about craft supply stores both here in America and Indonesia. Sometimes I hold a giveaway and invite somebody to swap her handmade items, craft supplies, and books. For now I want to keep it that way. I don't want to do anything else but use my blog to share (You notice I use the word "share" a million times here :)). That is because I love it so much and I never get bored talking about it.

So do you really love utak-atik so much?
If you mean utak-atik with my craft supplies, yes, I do.Utak- atik in my kitchen is an ok thing for me. I do cook, but it is only for our daily meals. Other then that, I do it only when I feel like trying new recipes.
There is a funny thing about my utak-atik habit. A friend here sent me a fun email where she wrote several facts about me according to her. In one of the questions she was asked if there was a flood, what would Hany save first? Her answer was Hany's craft box that she carries anywhere she goes. Another friend said to my husband," She does her crafts everywhere." If other people carry books to kill time, I always have my small craft box stuffed with thread, scissors, needles, pin cushion etc The only time I do not do it is when we have to fly somewhere which annoys me. If that is the case, I use my cell to browse crafts on the internet 

Why did you start writing a blog?

At the beginning, I was just curious about blog. It was when an Indonesian lady I met online, who lived in a different state, talked a lot about blogging. I searched it and gave it a try. I did not know what to do with it and since craft is the thing I am interested in most, I started to post my handmade creations. But now it is my favorite place to go, my sanctuary!

What's fun about blogging? Doesn't it eat up hours and hours of time?
The fun thing about blogging to me is I make more friends. I love to interact with people. I do not know exactly what they think about my blog as I met people there who are not crafters. However, so far they are pretty faithful and visit my blog regularly. 
It is indeed time consuming.That is why I have told them that I feel I am not a good blog buddy. I do not have much time to visit every blog. However, I always try to return their visits as much as I can. 

What's your favorite object to create?
My most favorite object to create are flowers.I love flowers so much especially roses. Other objects are nature oriented. I like shabby chic and whimsical styles.

Is it really fun opening shop on etsy? tell us more ^^.. we really wanna hear..
To me it is. Putting the money you earn aside, you can make new friends and the more importantly it is a place to let your creative juices flow. I can spend hours watching fabulous creations on that global online handmade market place. It still amazes me how people come up with brilliant and creative ideas everyday, even in seconds.

So what is your inner passion for next crafting project?
To be honest with you I can't mention one. I have so much going on in my head what I want to make I have lots of unfinished projects to be done. Sometimes it frustrates me that I only have 2 hands and there are only 24 hours in a day No, I should not complain, I am so grateful that Allah still allows me to do what I love to do.

Which project is your fave?
I love them all, I can't pick a favorite. All of them are unique.

Hany Von Gillern:
we thanks mb Hany so much for this interview.. ^^ hopefully it will inspire you ^^

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