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Senin, 30 April 2012

Ribbon Embroidery on Felt

I always love to try and experiment on new craft technique. So far I learn how to crocheting and I learn Ribbon Embroidery and my first trial was on felt.

I made a simple pouch with a ribbon embroidery touch on it
satisfied? not really.. ^^ so I decided to buy a ribbon embroidery book and made another try
not on felt actually.. but combine with felt ^^

Jumat, 20 April 2012

DIY- Quickie Felt Birdie Tutorial

Dear crafty friends

today i will post a simple cute birdie from felt.. super cute

 all you need are some colourful felts - 1/2 circle 
 shape the heads first
 give some wings
 give some beaks

dont forget the eyes
violaaa.. you can make a four different birdies

or you can make it as a key chains or anything else ^^

you can learn more about felt accesories from my new book

Sabtu, 14 April 2012

DIY-Felt PINK Flower Tutorial

hello there..

i would like to show you something real tricky..
what can you do from a simple pink felt circle??

a lot of different kind of flower of course ^^

you can combine one another to make a beautiful and lovely flower for anything.. 
corsage, felt jewellery, accessories, gift warp or any other things :)
just explore your creativity


to learn more about felt accessories you can read my new book

have fun ^^

Rabu, 11 April 2012

My third craft book #3: Aksesori Flanel Gaya


this is my third book and will be launch at the end of April 2012. It is all about accesories for teens and kiddies.

I have been working with my beloved partner yuka aninda from Cumil Felt  and Kriya Pustaka Publisher

i will give you some clue ^^
It contain 120 pages
with more than 25 projects to share and 10 products in gallery
step by step tutorial and basic technique are included

there is a little endorsment from mb Emma Aliudin - Editor in Chief CHIC MAGAZINE- on back cover

some projects are inspired by betz white and felting.craftgossip


Selasa, 10 April 2012

Capungmungil on PojokUtakUtik (exclusive interview)

Dear All.. i have got exclusive interviewed by mb Hany from pojokutakatik

wanna read it?
here are some questions made for me

Saat ini kerajinan/crafts kan sedang booming di Indonesia, hampir semua jenis kerajinan sudah dikenal di Indonesia, punya banyak penggemar dan ditekuni teman-teman crafters,  diantara sekian banyak jenis kerajinan ini,  kenapa mbak memilih felt? Pernah tidak terlintas keinginan untuk mencoba jenis kerajinan lainnya, tatting atau  jewelry making misalnya?

and the answer? click here

Saya perhatikan felt ini yang belakangan ini paling populer, setelah sebelumnya clay sempat mewabah. kepopuleran felt ditandai dengan banyaknya jumlah teman-teman yang menekuninya. Aneka macam  kreasi diciptakan dengan bahan ini, apa yang menjadi ciri khas kreasi felt made in mbak Dini?

and the answer? click here

Di blog capungmungil diungkapkan sederet aktivitas mbak, menulis, mainan edukatif, ilustrasi. Apakah semua kegiatan tersebut saling berkait satu sama lain, misalnya menulis hanya tentang felt educative toys? bagaimana dengan ilustrasi?

and the answer? click here

it was so much fun, thank you so much mb Hany ^^

Jumat, 06 April 2012

They Review My -children- Books

Who are they?
they are  magazine and tabloid for mom, baby, kiddos ^^

yes.. Alhamdulillah for these ^^ I am so grateful..
I am just a new comer in children books writing industry, but they had my book reviewed :) oh my God..

Math Craft on Mother and Baby Mag 2011

busy boat on Parenting Magz March 2012

Trackie Train on Mom & Kiddie Tabloid April 2012

My Adventure on Toddie Magz April 2012

Comfy Car on Nakita Feb 2012 

MathCraft on Nakita March 2012

these book are made for my twinnies

and of course Indonesian Children all over the country


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