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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

DIY - Sweet Pink Birdie Felt Applique

Dear Crafty Friends, today I will share a little bit of felt appliqué technique..
I get inspired by Melissa  from littlepinkhouse, she had shared her tuto here
She is very talented person, you will love her wonderful works.

we have another exclusive make over in August project today from Flanel Make Over

 Ok then.. are you ready for our pink birdie?
1. Cut out the remaining pieces. You can pin or trace (with pencil on the wrong side) pieces onto felt and cut out. Using either a pencil or pen, but remember to do it on the wrong side, and carefully clean up the ink. Do the same for the bird's eyes and beak.

2.  Attach your felt pieces to the fabric using a multi-purpose glue or fabric glue. Position the body on the center of the hoop.
3.  whipstitch in the coordinating thread color, according to the finished photo. You can use icon stitch or roll stitch, make sure that you do your stitches small and as even as possible.
4. Use a small, neat running stitch with green thread to attach the wing.
5. give some details with pink thread for the tail.
6. Give some leaf's petal, brown steam stitch and simple running stitch.

to see other home decoration projects, grab my  book fast ^^

Happy Crafting All ^^

7 komentar:

  1. hand stitch nya rapiii..harus belajar bikin hand-stitch nya lebih rapi lagi! *menyemangati diri sendiri :D

  2. keren banget flanlnya mba ,,,

  3. lucu.... jdi pngen coba bkin deh..
    thanks for sharing.. ^^

  4. emang dibikin bahasa inggris ya, mbak, heheheeee.... maklum, gak bisa bahasa inggris. jadi cuman bisa ngikutin gambarnya ajah. tambah sukses ya, mbak.

  5. mba..aku nemu istilah 'buat serut' pas baca diy green goodie bag di buku ideas craft populer..itu maksudnya apa yah? soalnya kan d step selanjutnya ada step 'masukkan pita pada kolong dan serut'
    tolong di jelasin..he


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