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Rabu, 20 November 2013

My new header from Innocentia

As you see, I have new header in my blog. It is designed by Mb Citra from Innocentia. Please check her blog and You can find her making all sorts of art on her blog.

I adore her blog and illustration so much. I am really wanna make a different kind of header from what I had before. So I asked her to make me a beautiful simple vintage header but still had a capungmungil's style. And She said yes ^^

Let's se the transformation ^^

this is my first header with a colorful kids from felt

 this is my second header, with a vintage look and was combined with polka fabric

and this... this is mb Citra first design. I told her to make a childish-vintage look, with orange-olive theme.

and this is our final result. What an adorable and lovely design, Mb Citra is so talented. 
I love it ^^

Big Hugs

3 komentar:

  1. Mba Dini...
    Terima kasih sudah sudi menulis postingan ini *pelukkk*
    Semoga puas dengan desain header tsb dan semoga bermanfaat

    Salam hangat,

  2. Cool header for a cool blog! ^_^ Like this! Wish I could have that cool header too one day :P

  3. masyaallah... mbak cantik bangettt hasil karyanya..

    salam kenal ya mbak :)


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