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Kamis, 05 September 2013

Scrap Fabrics Projects

Hi^^.. how is your crafty days?

I have been collecting some scrap cotton fabrics lately. I love their colors and motifs.
I get some of them, from a friend of mine.. Thank you mb Kika from Kiyutee.
Others i get from tailors or buy it from the facebook online shop ( eve craft, lemonzcraft, daddy's girl, happy blossom, asyiknya menjahit )

They sell various awesome cottons, and also some  "Perca" or Scrap Fabrics. It's just a really sweet temptations ^^ you really wanna buy it all.

This is my first try. I made some patchwork. not so happy with the result :D or maybe there is no embellishment on it, yet. or maybe you could give me some advise?

happy patch-working ^^

3 komentar:

  1. They are sweet ideas... :)
    Work slowly, like on a painting... - inspiration will come ;)

    1. ooww thanks so much Lily... I will working on it slowly ^^ and enjoy every details

  2. I'm sure with all your skill and experience it won't be long ;)

    Love all the little scraps myself...


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