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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Me and BeMyBean Bag

It is always be wonderfull things if we are able to create networking and collaborate with other crafter. Capungmungil were asked to create an felt appliqué on bean bag by my lovely friends from And these are the result.. they will be attending INACRAFT 2012. 

Batik Kawung on Jeans

Underwater on Velvet for kids

Retro on Velvet
So comfortable, so chic, and also so personal..

and the good news is.. you can win 5 free bean bag if you buy my book. Don't forget to submit the form to Kriya Pustaka before June 2012

hope you like it

2 komentar:

  1. caranya gimana mba dini??kyknya empuk banget itu hehe..

  2. owww.....msh ada ya,bean bag nya...,hmm aku udh beli bukunya,kemaren ada sih dapat form nya,tp kirain udh gak ada,jd gak dikirim...dicari2,raib ntah kmn hehe....(udh di isi,tp males ngirimnya)...jd gmn dong mb dini...?


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