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Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Old Mug Pads Make Over - 2nd Crochet Project

Dear my crafty friends.. how are you doing?
I have a simple -make over- project to share.. 
an old mug pad make over with crochet
I am a beginner on crocheting , but I always love to try something new. 

here they are.. my old mug pad from felt

I made a little crocheting touch around the mug pad.. 
very easy for beginner like me ^^
all you need is :
  • a hook no 3/4
  • yarn - cotton / rayon
  • scissor 

Beginning crocheters usually start out by learning the chain stitch first, single crochet, double crochet and picot. 
It is really easy and simple project
I named the project as " a cup of happiness.."

aren't they supper cute and lovely?

23 komentar:

  1. wahh.. mba dini skrg bisa ngerajut :) bagus mba edging buat coasternya :)

  2. wah lebih manis ditambahin crochet mbak. :>

  3. Balasan
    1. jiiaaaa.. sueneeeng mb ning.. akhirnya selesai juga sambil naik angkot ngerjainnya :D

    2. keren,, b^^
      wew,, sambil naik angkot, mbak?!?,, ckckck,,,

  4. wow... tanpa edging aja udah lucu apalagi dengan crocheted edgingny.. kawaii ^^ salam kenal y, mba :)

  5. waw waw waw... edgingnya keren banget mba,, perpaduan warnanya juga manis.. suka ^^
    salam kenal ya mba dini

    1. salam kenal mb icha... aku juga suka warnanya hehehe.. cuma punya benang itu aja soalnya ^^

  6. Karya mba dini emang selalu cute..bagus mba perpaduan warnanya.hidup arsitek!(Loh?!)Salam kenal ya mba :)

    1. salam kenal mb fithri :) makasih sudah mampir ^^

  7. cute banget mba..tapi sayang kalo buat tatakan gelas..

    btw, aku punya buku mba loh.. (


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